Press Rebuilding

From simple repairs to total tablet press rebuilding, Elizabeth can handle your most demanding projects. Our experience allows us to apply new technologies to your production needs. An extensive inventory of replacement parts and turrets to fit most tablet press models allow us to complete your project with the least down time.

Elizabeth prides itself on “one time quoting”. We will not quote blindly to win a project and ask for additional money later. Elizabeth will issue budgetary quotations as an initial guideline for project justifications but the true condition of a piece of equipment can not be determined until it is disassembled and inspected. You have our word!

Elizabeth is a full service facility. With the exception of special coatings such as nickel plating, all aspects of a project including disassembly, re-machining of castings, welding, electrical, painting and assembly, are accomplished in our Louisville Kentucky and North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania plants. Elizabeth is also equipped to perform acceptance runs of your non-hazardous product prior to shipment to your facility.

A tablet press is a specialized piece of equipment. Its repair and restoration should not be trusted to just anyone. With over 40 years of tablet press experience, you can count on our commitment to detail and quality.


1500 W. Ormsby Ave.
Louisville, KY 40210

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