Scheu & Kniss was founded in 1915. The founders of the company were Louis Scheu, Sr. and Louis Kniss. Mr. Scheu had been a tool maker at Ahrens and Knotts Company, now know as American Standard. Mr. Kniss had been a supervisor in the brass finishing department of the same company. The company moved to its present location in 1921.

In 1964, the leadership of Scheu & Kniss passed to the hands of Louis Scheu, Jr. and Alvin Kniss, sons of the founders. Twenty years later, in 1984, Alvin Kniss, “Al”, purchased the Scheu held stock, making Scheu and Kniss 100% owned and operated by the Kniss family. In 1996, Al Kniss passed away, leaving Larry and Marvin Kniss to carry on the tradition of the Scheu & Kniss name with quality and service to our customers.

In July of 2001, Scheu & Kniss was acquired by Elizabeth Carbide Die Co., Inc. Elizabeth is known world wide as the premier manufacturer of punches and dies for tablet presses. The history and relationship of Elizabeth Carbide and Scheu & Kniss go back many years. The products offered by each company compliment the other and is a perfect product combination for any sales professional. For many years prior to the acquisition, Elizabeth and Scheu & Kniss utilized many of the same independent sales representatives in the U.S. and abroad. There could be no better fit for two companies to come together.

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